Who We Are

//Who We Are

To be “A Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Training”.

“To promote professionalism and inclusion through market led training, research and consultancy to providers and users of financial services”.

  1. Professionalism,
  2. Excellence,
  3. Competence,
  4. Innovativeness
  5. Integrity

The Institute renders her services primarily through the provision of instruction, examination and certification in the area of Banking and Finance. Broadly speaking, the Institute‘s training programs cover four areas, namely;   Professional, Short & Executive, Specialised and Post Graduate Courses.

The Institute’s current strategic plan (2018- 2022) aims at achieving four strategic objectives, namely;

  1. Strengthening organisational effectiveness and visibility.
  2. Enhancing stakeholder outreach, engagement and collaboration
  3. Improving relevance in the financial services industry
  4. Advancing ethics and professionalism in the financial services sector.

The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (formerly The Uganda Institute of Bankers) was established in 1990 as the training and certification body for the banking and financial services industry in Uganda. Prior to its incorporation as an autonomous entity (1967–1989), it had the status of a Local Centre of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London (now London Institute of Banking & Finance). Since its incorporation in 1990, the institute has operated as a company limited by guarantee.

The Institute’s governance structure comprises a Council (responsible for awards and advisory), Board of Directors (responsible for governance and policy oversight) and Management team (responsible for day to day conduct of affairs). Both Council and Board are selected from eminent personalities in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. The Governor of the Central Bank (Bank of Uganda) is the Patron of the Institute.

The Institute is a membership based entity with a membership comprised of two broad categories namely; Corporate or Institutional Members (commercial banks and other supervised financial institutions) as well as Individual Members classified by rank as Student, Ordinary, Associate, Fellow and Honorary Fellow. The Institute’s corporate and individual membership currently consists of 32 and 750 members respectively.


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