Short Courses

//Short Courses

01Basic Banking2 weeks600,000/ USD 33023rd Jan-3rd Feb/4th Sep-15th Oct
02Banking for Non-Banking Executive1 weekUGX 550,000/ USD 24513th Feb-17th Feb/21st Aug-25th Aug
03Agribusiness Credit Risk Assessment1 monthUGX 800,000/USD 33027th Feb-31st Mar/31st Jul-31st Aug
04Appraisal of Agribusiness1 monthUGX 1,400,000/USD 6001st Mar-31st Mar/1st Sep-30th Sep
05Agricultural Value Chain Financing3 monthsUGX 3,200,000/USD1st May-28th Jul
06Auditing Bank Operations2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 2451st May-2nd May/21st Sep-22nd Sep
07Auditing the Treasury Function2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 24516th Feb-17th Feb/27th Jul-28th Jul
08ICT Audit Skills2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 2459th Mar-10th Mar/19th Oct-20th Oct
09Fundamentals of financial services3 daysUGX 850,00020th Apr-22nd Apr/5th Oct-7th Oct
10International Introduction to Securities and Investments3 dayUGX 850,0009th Feb-11th Feb/6th Jul-8th Jul
11Regulations and Market practices for Capital Markets3 dayUGX 850,0008th Mar-10th Mar/20th Sept-22nd Sep
12Advanced Credit Analysis and Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 2456th Apr-7th Apr/20th Jul-21st Jul/2nd Nov-3rd Nov
13Credit Analysis and Risk Management in Corporate Lending2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 24527th Feb-28th Feb/7th Sep-8th Sep
14Credit Management end-end1 monthUGX 1,200,000/ USD 5003rd Apr-28th Apr
15Credit Origination and Analysis2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 24518th May-19th May
16Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 24510th Apr-11th Apr/28th Sep-29th Sep
17Asset Finance2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 24528th Feb-1st Mar
18Debt Recovery Management and Distress Handling2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 24513th Mar-14th Mar/10th Aug-11th Aug
19Intermediate Credit Management2 days550,000/USD 24513th Jan-14th Jan/13th Feb-14th Feb/28th Aug-29th Aug
20Lending to Small and medium Enterprises2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 24520th Mar-21st Mar/17th Jul-18th Jul 
21Compliance Certificate3 monthsUGX 1,500,000/USD 450 1st May-28th Jul
22Corporate Governance1 dayUGX 550,000/USD 245 21st Jun/24th Aug
23Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process4 daysUGX 1,000,000/ USD 380 20th Feb-23rd Feb/18th Sep-21st Sep
24Regulatory Frameworks, Reporting and Policy Compliance2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 16th Jun-17th Jun/7th Nov-8th Nov
25Artificial intelligence in Banking1 weekUGX 900,000/USD 450 8th May-12th May/25th Sep-29th Sep
26Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making5 daysUGX 750,000/USD 375 13th Mar-17th Mar
27Data Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 8th Jun-9th Jun
28Digital Banking Business Opportunities2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 24530th Mar-31st Mar/19th Oct-20th Oct 
29Managing Cyber Security and Payments2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 4th May-5th May
30Foundation Certificate in Banking and Financial Services1 Month300,000/ USD 165 16th Jan-10th Feb/3rd Apr-28th Apr
31IFRS 16 for Banking and Financial Services2 daysUGX 750,000/ USD 330 3rd Apr-4th Apr/7th Sep-8th Sep
32Trade Finance2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 16th Mar-17th Mar
33Financial Modelling2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 7th Jun-8th Jun/5th Oct-6th Oct
34Trade Finance, Principles and Practices2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 17th Aug-18th Aug
35Security, Audit, Controls & Investigation in Payments Systems2 DaysUSD 60016th Mar-17th Mar/14th Oct-15th Oct 
36Compliance & Risk Management in Payments Systems2 DaysUSD 800 13th Apr-14th Apr/17th Aug-18th Aug
37Cards & Payments Masterclass3 DaysUSD 650 12th Jun-14th Jun
38Back Office Processing, Settlement and Reconciliation in Payment Operations2 DaysUSD 70016th Nov-17th Nov 
39Certified Digital Payments Expert5 DaysUSD 800 17th Jul-21st Jul
40Key Management on HSM (Hardware Security Module)5 DaysUSD 1,00011th Sep-15th Sep 
41Human Resource Analytics2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 13th Sep-14th Sep
42Training Needs Analysis, Evaluation & Assessment2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 13th Mar-14th Mar
43Building a Customer Centric Culture8 hoursUSD 135 OD
44Business Acumen2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 14th Jun-15th Jun
45Coaching and Mentoring Through Uncertainty 2 daysUSD 35010th Apr-11th Apr 
46Diplomacy and Protocol Management2 daysUGX 750,000/ USD 375 10th Apr-11th Apr/18th Sep-19th Sep
47Lead: Leadership Development Program6 weeksUSD 1,000 1st Mar-15th Apr/1st Jun-15th Jul/1st Sep-15th Oct
48Leadership & Branch Management2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 23rd Feb-24th Feb
49Leadership in Crisis2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 22nd May-23rd May
50Leading without Authority15 hoursUSD 230 OD
51Managing Team Productivity2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 24524th Apr-25thApr/26th Sep-27th Sep 
52Performance Enhancement Training2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 21st Jun-22nd Jun
53Performance Management and Leadership30 hours670,000/ USD 245 16th Jan-18th Jan
54Professional Coaching and mentoring Skills14 hoursUSD 215 OD
55Project Management2 DaysUGX 750,000/ USD 330 19th Jan-20th Jan
56Project Management in Financial Services2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 12th Jun-13th Jun
57Staff Communication, Engagement and Team Building2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 7th Aug-8th Aug
58Strategic Alignment and Strategic Execution20 hoursUSD 360 OD
59Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Fintechs2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 6th Mar-7th Mar/10th Jul-11th Jul
60Law Relating to Banking Practice & Management2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 30th Mar-31st Mar/4th Sep-5th Sep
61Intellectual Property in Banking and Financial Services2 daysUGX 550,000 3rd Feb-4th Feb/1st Sep-2nd Sep
 OIL & GAS   
62Due Diligence in Oil & Gas Business Development5 daysUGX 1,200,00/ USD 500 31st Jul-4th Aug
63Master Class: Oil &Gas1 weekUGX 1,500,000/USD 500 27th Feb-3rd Mar
64Risk Management for Oil & Gas4 daysUGX 1,200,000/ USD 500 1st Aug-4th Aug
65Treasury Risk Management for Oil & Gas4 daysUGX 900,000/USD 400 25th Apr-28th Apr
66Agency Banking2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 7th Feb-8th Feb/9th Aug-10th Aug
67Bank Branch Management Certificate3 monthUGX 900,000/USD 380 1st Aug-31st Oct
68Bank Branch Operations2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 6th Jun-7th Jun
69Customer service Excellence2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 30th Jan-31st Jan/23rd May-24th May/18th Jul-19th Jul
70Business, Drafting Contracts and Advanced Negotiations2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 15th Nov-16th Nov
71Clearing, Payment Systems and Collections2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 9th May-10th May/20th Sep-21st Sep
72Contract Risk management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 21st Mar-22nd Mar/19th Sep-20th Sep
73Cyber Risk Management2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 21st Feb-22nd Feb/25th Jul-26th Jul
74Advanced Excel and Risk Modeling1 weekUGX 850,000/ USD 380 24th Apr-28th Apr
75Operational Risk Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 7th Mar-8th Mar/11th Aug-12th Aug
76Risk Management certificate3 monthsUGX 1,200,000/ USD 500 1st Mar-31st May/1st Sep-30th Nov
77Risk Management for Human Resources2 daysUGX 670,000/USD 245 25th Apr-26th Apr/11th Nov-12th Nov
78Risk, Fraud and Internal Controls2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 1st Feb-2nd Feb
79Risk, Fraud and Internal Controls in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 17th Jan
80Tender and Contract Negotiations2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 24th Oct-25th Oct
81Account Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 22nd Mar-23rd Mar/6th Sep-7th Sep
82Customer Relationship Management2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 8th Feb-9th Feb/19th Jun-20th Jun
83Effective Sales and Persuasion Skills2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 13th Jun-14th Jun/3rd Nov-4th Nov
84Sales Prospecting2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 25th Apr-26th Apr/19th Sep-20th Sep
85Deposit Marketing2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 4th Apr-5th Apr/10th Oct-11th Oct
8621st Century Core Skills Training – 8 modules16 hours per moduleUGX 550,000/USD 245 per module 
 87Effective Communication master class16 hoursUGX 550,000/USD 245 
 88Problem Solving and Creativity16 hoursUGX 550,000/USD 245 
 89Self Management and Excellence16 hoursUGX 550,000/USD 245 
 90Collaboration – Teamwork and Leadership16 hoursUGX 550,000/USD 245 
91Asset and Liability Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 24527th Apr-28th Apr 
92Cash Management2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 16th May-17th May/17th Oct-18th Oct
93Treasury Management Certificate3 month1,200,000/USD 3001st Jun-31st Aug 
94Treasury Operations2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 11th Jul-12th Jul
95Treasury Operations Management2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 24th Jan-25th Jan
96Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Services2 daysUGX 550,000/ USD 245 2nd Mar-3rd Mar/31st Aug-1st Sep
97Financial Consumer Protection Guidelines2 daysUGX 550,000/USD 245 5th Jun-6th Jun
98Auditing in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,00027th Jan 
99Branch Operations for MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 31st Jan
100Micro-Loan Appraisal1 dayUGX 160,000 14th Feb
101Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 18th Feb
102Governance and Risk Management in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 21st Feb
103Making Microfinance Work (Diversification and Marketing)1 dayUGX 160,000 10th Mar
104Basic Accounting for MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 15th Mar
105Cash Management in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 4th Apr
106Product Development and Management in MFIs1 daysUGX 160,000 15th Apr
107Delinquency Management and Loan Monitoring1 dayUGX 160,000 6th May
108Credit Analysis and Risk Assessment in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 20th May
109Risk, Fraud, Forgeries, and Internal controls in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 16th Jun
110Customer Service Excellence in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 14th Jul
107Auditing in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 3rd Aug
108Governance and Risk Management in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 19th Aug
109Cash management in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 9th Sep
110Branch Management in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 23rd Sep
111Customer Service Excellence in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 17th Oct
112Credit Analysis and Risk Assessment in MFIs1 dayUGX 160,000 27th Oct
113Computerized Accounting Using Tally and QuickBooks2 weeksUGX 850,000 OD
114Advanced Databases (SQL)2 weeksUGX 900,000 OD
115Introduction to Big Data Analytics in R and Python2 weeksUGX 900,000 OD
116Qualitative Data Analysis using Atlas, ti and Nvivo2 weeksUGX 850,000 OD
117Advanced Excel2 weeksUGX 850,000 OD
118Professional Microsoft Certifications2 weeksUGX 850,000 OD
119Digital marketing and corporate Communications2 weeksUGX 900,000 OD
120Data Entry and Statistical Analysis (Epi Data, Epi Info, SPSS, Stata)2 weeksUGX 850,000 OD
121Presentations (Advanced)3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
1222D Design3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
123Websites3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
124Documents (Advanced)3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
1253D Design3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
126Image Editing3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
127Financial Spreadsheets3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
128Data Analytics3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
129Databases3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
130Management Spreadsheets3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
131Coding Principles3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
132Databases (Advanced)3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
133Project Planning3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
134Digital Marketing3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
135eCommerce3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
136CRM Systems3 DaysUGX 550,000 OD
137Certified Expert in Islamic microfinance6 monthsEuro 750 March-Aug
138Certified Expert in Financial and Managerial Accounting6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
139Certified Expert in Risk Management6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
140Certified Expert in SME Finance6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
141Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
142Certified Expert in Digital Finance6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
143Certified Expert in Micro Insurance6 monthsEuro 750 March-Aug
144Certified Expert in Agricultural Finance6 monthsEuro 750 March-Aug
145Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
146Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance6 monthsEuro 1,300 March-Aug
147Master Class on Block chain Business Strategy6 monthsEuro 14,700 March-Aug
148Master of Leadership in Development Finance (Online)18-24 MonthsEuro 14,700 18-24 months
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