Data-Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making

//Data-Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making

Unlock the secrets hidden within your data

Get data-rich insight to respond quickly to changing conditions and trends in your market and to be innovative in the way you operate—without the ability to program in Python or R.

Aspiring and established business leaders need to make quick strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, some of which are very complex.  Making such decisions requires large amounts of relevant data and knowledge so, business leaders need to (1) understand what is in the data, (2) communicate their needs to those in Data/IT, and most importantly, (3) get a return on the data analytics investment.

Data Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making, presented by Data Analytics by Kentara®, provides a managerial perspective on data analytics and business intelligence for decision-making.  It includes:

  • Using Data Analytics to obtain sound business intelligence,
  • Descriptive Analytics for understanding what is happening in the organisation and the underlying trends and causes of such occurrences,
  • Predictive Analytics to determine what is likely to happen in the future with statistical data techniques,
  • Prescriptive Analytics for making data-rich decisions to achieve the best performance possible, and
  • Using Data Analytics for creating value in your organization.

After successful completion of the Data-Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making Course, the student should be able to utilize:

  • Descriptive Analytics to:
  • Consolidate data sources.
  • Develop appropriate reports, queries, alerts, and trends using various reporting tools and techniques.
  • Develop powerful insights into the operations of the organisation with visualization tools.
  • Predictive Analytics for anticipating customer behaviour, such as:
  • the customer’s likelihood to switch to a competitor,
  • what s/he would likely buy next and how much s/he would pay for it,
  • what promotions a customer would respond to,
  • whether the customer is a creditworthy risk, etc.
  • Prescriptive Analytics to:
  • Provide a decision or recommendation for a specific action.
  • Present recommendations to a decision-maker in a report.


This course is for aspiring and established leaders who want to learn more about how to make data analytics and business intelligence work for them.


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