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Continuous Professional Development Program ( CPD)


This policy relates to the UIBFS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements and the relevance of CPD for members, including recommended and unacceptable CPD. UIBFS CPD Requirements UIBFS shall implement mandatory CPD for all members (excluding Students and Honorary Fellows).  Member CPD requirements are set below. UIBFS CPD REQUIREMENT PER MEMBER CATEGORY: MEMBERSHIP LEVEL / CATEGORY CPD HOURS REQUIRED Affiliate             20 Affiliate Professional             25 Certificated Professional             30 Associate             35 Member             35 Fellow             35 1.1   On an annual basis, Affiliates  are required to complete  20 CPD hours,  Affiliate Professional – 25 CPD  hours and Certificated Professional [...]

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Data-Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making


Unlock the secrets hidden within your data Get data-rich insight to respond quickly to changing conditions and trends in your market and to be innovative in the way you operate—without the ability to program in Python or R. Aspiring and established business leaders need to make quick strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, some of which are very complex.  Making such decisions requires large amounts of relevant data and knowledge so, business leaders need to (1) understand what is in the data, (2) communicate their needs to those in Data/IT, and most importantly, (3) get a return on the data analytics [...]

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