Magazines and Newsletters

//Magazines and Newsletters

Publications & Journals (Financial Services Magazine and Institute’s News Letter -The Bank Scene)

The Institute produces two publications:

  1. The Financial Services Magazine. This is issued out freely as a privilege to members of the Institute.

The major objectives of the Magazine are:

  • To serve as a forum for disseminating information about developments in the financial sector in general, and the banking industry in particular;
  • To address contentious issues in the banking and financial services industry and to enhance public awareness of the relevance and role of banking in the economic setup of the country;
  • To serve as a medium through which the Institute’s image and offerings are promoted both locally and internationally.
  1. Institute News Letter ( The Bank Scene): Just like the Magazine, the Institute’s News Letter disseminates information about developments in the financial sector on a monthly basis to the Institute’s key stakeholders.

Magazines published by the Institute

No Name Download
1 Financial Services Magazine Issue 008 Click to download
2 Financial Services Magazine Issue 007 Click to download
3 Financial Services Magazine Issue 006 Click to download

Newsletters published by the Institute


No Name Click to download
1 November, 2019 Click to download
2 October, 2019 Click to download
3 September, 2019 Click to download
4 August, 2019 Click to download
5 July, 2019 Click to download
6 June, 2019 Click to download
7 May, 2019 Click to download
8 April, 2019 Click to download
9 March, 2019 Click to download
10 February, 2019 Click to download


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