Digital Banking

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BFT- DB-84 Digital Banking UGX 200,000 DD-MM-YYYY

The smart phone is leading a multi-channel banking revolution! Simply surviving against growing competition is throwing up some tough challenges for the executives and senior managers of retail banking. This workshop will look at the new dynamics of the marketplace and the retail banking business models that are proving most successful.

Overall Course Objective

This course will provide participants with a framework for developing a digital retail banking strategy, and the opportunity to compare the development of their own institution’s digital programme with industry best practice.

  • Definition and History
  • The Future of Banking
  • How to React to FinTech?
  • Digital Channels
  • Digital Products
  • Digital Identity The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
  • Payments: Innovation-Arena with High Visibility

The training is aimed at executives, divisional and departmental heads, senior managers, as well as vendors and consultants, with an interest in Retail and Digital banking. They could be in the Retail Banking function, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Channel Management, Digital Banking or IT.


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