Chartered Banker Program

//Chartered Banker Program

The Chartered Banker program is leads to the award of the Chartered Banker qualification of the Uganda Institute of banking & Financial Services.


  • A premier Professional Qualification for bankers around the world
  • A traditional gateway for professional recognition as Associate or Fellow
  • Initially developed to provide the fundamentals of banking and largely unchanged over the last 25 years
  • Has recently undergone significant review to bring it in line with contemporary developments and standards
  • New content e.g. Digital banking, Risk & Compliance, Islamic Finance, Agent banking etc…
  • Combines global standards and local content
  • Multi-Level structure & entry routes
  • Greater Practical content – Project and case study approach embedded at all levels
  • Extensive CPD structure
  • Strong emphasis on ethics
  • Futuristic – treatment of emerging issues
  • Exemptions and credit transfer mechanism
  • Three stage progressive structure: Professional, executive and chartered (planned to be linked to an MBA)
  • Leads to award of Chartered Banker
  • Varied entry requirements depending on students’ background
  • Three year duration, broken into two semesters per level

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