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Chartered Banker Program


Chartered Banker Program Offering The Chartered Banker program leads to the award of the Chartered Banker qualification of the Uganda Institute of banking & Financial Services. The Chartered banker, formerly the Certified Professional Banker (Diploma in Banking) has been revised to three (3) levels. Structure of the Chartered Banker Program Three stage progressive structure: Professional, executive and chartered (planned to be linked to an MBA) Leads to award of Chartered Banker Varied entry requirements depending on students’ background Three year duration, broken into two semesters per level What is New? New content e.g. digital banking, risk & compliance, Islamic [...]

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Diploma in Micro Finance


Diploma In Microfinance This leads to the award of a Diploma in Microfinance of the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services it’s the basic qualification for the majority of career Microfinance practitioners. Objective To create a pool of professionals, with appropriate skills to effectively manage the challenges of growth in the microfinance industry Entry Requirements Either: (i)    Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 2 Principal passes and 1 subsidiary pass obtained at the same sitting or equivalent Or Banking Certificate Any other recognised professional qualification like CPA, ACCA or equivalent. Mode of delivery The programme [...]

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Certified Credit Management Program


Certified Credit Management Program Offering The Certified Credit Management program leads to the award of the Certified Credit Manager qualification of the Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services. The Certified Credit Management, formerly the Certificate in Credit Management has been revised to twelve (12) subjects/papers. Objectives To equip graduates with the most current knowledge, skills, values and practices in Credit management; To prepare graduates with career progression into the workforce; To equip graduates with analytical skills/logical exposition; conceptual grasp; problem solving and case analysis in all issues related to Credit Management. Entry Requirements An applicant should possess [...]

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