Membership Application Forms


Below is the list of Applications Forms for different categories No Membership Category Download Link 1 Fellows Download Form 2 Associates Download Form 3 Ordinary Download Form 4 Renewal Download Form

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Benefits that Accrue to Members


Members have a enormous benefits, and what they are entitled to is listed below:- Professional qualifications and Institute membership form a solid base for a successful career in banking and financial services. Members shall benefit from the Institute's status, confidence and professional standing. Members are likely to be more employable with better career prospects – both inside and outside the financial services industry. In addition, an Associate (AUIB), or Fellow (FUIB), member is entitled to use the relevant acronyms after his/her name. These titles signify a highly rated, competent, and professional banker, a product of the [...]

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Honorary Fellowship


Below is the list of Honorary Fellows No. Name M/ship No. Organisation 1 Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime -Mutebile , FUIB (Hon) UM0335 Bank of Uganda 2 Dr. Louis Kasekende, FUIB (Hon) UK0004 Bank of Uganda 3 Mr. Bagyenda Justine, FUIB (Hon) UB1579 Bank of Uganda 4 Mrs. Balaka Rita, FUIB (Hon) UO1588 Stanbic Bank 5 Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu, FUIB (Hon) UD1622 Makerere University 6 Mr. Kibirige Henry, FUIB (Hon) UK0021 Private 7 Mrs. Nakawunde Annet Mulindwa, FUIB (Hon) UN1621 Finance Trust Bank 8 Mr. Odera Philip, FUIB (Hon) UO1577 Private 9 Mr. Varghese Thambi , FUIB (Hon) UO1588 Diamond [...]

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Student Members


Below is the list of student members No. Name M/ship No. Organisation 1 Abau Jackline UIB/CPB/2016/073 Private 2 Abdulkadir Mohamud UIB/CPB/2016/038 Private 3 Abonyo Ongom Rebecca UA0560 Bank of Uganda 4 Acen Jolly UIB/CIB/2016/054 Bank of Uganda 5 Achieng Margaret Nafuna UIB/CPB/2015/174 Private 6 Aciga Alfred Anyazo UIB/DMF/2015/188 Private 7 Adibaku Bella UIB/CCM/2015/111 Private 8 Adokorach Jackline UIB/CPB/2015/052 Private 9 Adokorach Stella Wilobo UIB/CPB/2015/101 Private 10 Adongo Apell Agnes UIB/CPB/2014/140 Private 11 Adongo Priscilla UIB/CCM/2015/139 Private 12 Aemo Harriet Miriam Enyagu UIB/CPB/2013/102 KCB Bank 13 Afaf Jannat Karim UIB/CPB/2013/89 Centenary Bank 14 Agaba Francis UIB/CCM/2015/193 Private 15 Ageno [...]

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Ordinary Members


Below is the list of Ordinary Members No. Name M/ship No. Organisation 1 Mr. Abdallah Aziz Epalot UA1615 Equity Bank 2 Ms Achom Grace UIB/CPB/2012/010 Postbank 3 Mr. Adaku Praise UIB/CCM/2014/013 Private 4 Ms Agwang Stella Lillian UIB/CIB/2012/15 Bank of Uganda 5 Ms Ajidiru Lulua Jennifer UA1077 Bank of Uganda 6 Ms Akampurira Judith UA1194 Centenary Bank 7 Ms Akello Alice UA0140 Bank of Uganda 8 Ms Akumu Pauline UIB/CPB/2013/51 Bank of Uganda 9 Ms Alweny Jane Frances UA1604 Tropical Bank 10 Ms Amuge Echoku Catherine UA0172 DFCU bank 11 Ms Angwech Joyce UIB/CIB/2011/14 Bank of Uganda 12 Mr. [...]

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Associates Members


Below is the list of Associate Members No. Name M/ship No. Organisation 1 Mrs. Achieng Betty Omoro UO0537 Bank of Uganda 2 Mr. Adengu Charles Balaam UA1030 Housing Finance Bank 3 Ms Akello Stella UA0479 Bank of Uganda 4 Mr. Alinda Bob UA0170 UIBFS 5 Ms Apiso Mary Stella UA0313 Bank of Uganda 6 Mr. Ategeka Ladislao Amooti UA0131 East African Development Bank 7 Mr. Hiire Stephen Ifulaim UH0104 Centenary Bank 8 Mr. Kabanyonza Diana UK0754 DFCU bank 9 Mrs. Kabuye Harriet Naggayi UK0448 Opportunity Bank 10 Mrs. Kaija Sauda Edna UK 0382 Bank of Uganda 11 Mrs. [...]

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Fellows Members


Below is the list of Fellow members No. Name Membership No. Organisation 1 Ms. Aik Jane, FUIB UA0178 Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services 2 Mr. Chemonges John, FCIB UC0300 Bank of Uganda 3 Mr. Erongot Jembrace, FCIB UE0026 Private 4 Mr. Jjingo Michael, FUIB UJ1140 Centenary Bank 5 Mr. Kahenano Joram, FCIB, FUIB UK0003 Private 6 Mr. Kalangwa  Peter, FUIB UK0533 Housing Finance Bank 7 Mr. Kayinja Guster, FUIB UK0267 Bank of Uganda 8 Mr. Kibirango Leo, FCIB, FUIB  UK0020 Private 9 Mr. Kigenyi Christopher, FCIB UK0819 Private 10 Mr. Kinene Fred Mugabe, FUIB UK0588 NSSF 11 [...]

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Corporate Members


Below is the list of our corporate members No Member Contact 1 ABC Capital Bank Limited 2  Bank of Africa (U) Limited 3 Barclays Bank (U) Limited 4 Bank of Baroda (U) Limited 5 Bank of India (U) Limited 6 Cairo International Bank Limited 7 Centenary Bank Limited 8 Citibank (U) Limited 9 Commercial Bank of Africa (U) Ltd 10 DFCU Bank Limited 11 POST BANK 12 Ecobank (U) Limited 13 Equity Bank (U) Limited 14 Exim Bank (U) Limited 15 Finance Trust Bank [...]

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