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    Mr. Katamba Mathias/ Board Chairman     Mr. Joram Kahenano (FCIB, FUIB)/ Deputy Board Chairman     Mr. Wilbrod Humphrey Owor   Mr. Rakesh Jha     Mr. Paul Senyomo     Mr. Clement Dodoo   Ms. Veronica Namagembe (FUIB, Hon)/ Chair Finance & HR Committee     Mr. Johnson Agoreyo/ Chair Education & Membership Committee     Mr. Elliot Mwebya (FUIB)   Mr. Richard Oola – Ojwiya (AUIB) / Chair, Audit & Risk Committee                Mr. Anthony Mulindwa (FUIB) / Chief Executive Officer (Ex Officio)       [...]

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Management Team


UIBFS – MANAGEMENT TEAM (as of 01st  January  2019)   S/N NAME DESIGNATION TELEPHONE/E-MAIL  ADDRESS 1 Mr. Anthony Mulindwa (FUIB) Chief Executive Officer       (CEO) +256414233628 +256 773348309 amulindwa@uib.or.ug 2 Mr. Apollo  Michael Engwau Finance and Administration Manager +256 414344236 +256 754665248 amengwau@uib.or.ug 3 Mr. Richard Semakula Registrar +256414233628 +256 772467127 rsemakula@uib.or.ug 4 Mr. Semakula Sulaiman Membership and Business Development Manager +256 414255847 +256 701583513 ssemakula@uib.or.ug

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Council Members


UIBFS COUNCIL (as at 1st January 2019) Representing Banks (10) 1.    Mr Julius Kakeeto MD Orient Bank Ag President 2.    Mr. Ajay Kumar Panth MD Bank of India Member 3.    Mr Sam Ntulume MD NC Bank Member Representing Fellows & Honorary Fellows (4): 4.    Mr. Henry Kibirige (FUIB, Hon) Member 5.    Mr Paul Jembrace Erongot (FCIB) Member 6.    Mr. Guster Kayinja (FUIB) Member Representing Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions (1) 7.    Mr. James Onyutta MD FINCA Uganda Member Representing the Central Bank (1) 8.    Ms. Mary Katarikawe ED Governor ‘s Office Member Associate Member representing the rest of the Members 9.    [...]

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Who We Are


To be “A Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Training”. “To promote professionalism and inclusion through market led training, research and consultancy to providers and users of financial services”. Professionalism, Excellence, Competence, Innovativeness Integrity The Institute renders her services primarily through the provision of instruction, examination and certification in the area of Banking and Finance. Broadly speaking, the Institute‘s training programs cover four areas, namely;   Professional, Short & Executive, Specialised and Post Graduate Courses. The Institute’s current strategic plan (2018- 2022) aims at achieving four strategic objectives, namely; Strengthening organisational effectiveness and visibility. Enhancing stakeholder outreach, engagement [...]

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Plot 10 Buganda Road, P.O Box 4986, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: (+256) 414-233628

Fax: (+256) 414-234259


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