BFT-CSE-06 Customer Service Excellence

//BFT-CSE-06 Customer Service Excellence

Overall Course Objective

The course shall provide knowledge and skills to enable staff to effectively respond and manage the needs of the customers to improve customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

  • What is customer service?
  • Effective time management
  • Managing Customer Expectations to save time and reduce stress
  • Expanding communication skills.
  • How to effectively respond to customer’s inquiries/complaints and giving feedback confidently.
  • Enhancing Personalized Listening Skills and strengths
  • Language and Telephone Skills
  • Barriers to effective customer service in the bank
  • Secrets of self-control: learning what not to say or do
  • Aligning individual work with the bank’s overall objective.
  • The Benefits of Excellent Customer Service

Customer service staff, Personal Bankers, Cashiers, marketing and sales staff and all other staff manning the front office in the bank


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