Benefits that Accrue to Members

//Benefits that Accrue to Members

Members have a enormous benefits, and what they are entitled to is listed below:-

Professional qualifications and Institute membership form a solid base for a successful career in banking and financial services. Members shall benefit from the Institute’s status, confidence and professional standing. Members are likely to be more employable with better career prospects – both inside and outside the financial services industry.

In addition, an Associate (AUIB), or Fellow (FUIB), member is entitled to use the relevant acronyms after his/her name. These titles signify a highly rated, competent, and professional banker, a product of the Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services, operating within the confines of the Institute’s Code of Conduct.

The Institute shall all the time maintain an up to date and well stocked library with a wide collection of literature, especially pertaining to the study and practice of Banking & Financial Services. Management shall take care to ensure relevance in collection materials, while at the same time keeping pace with the times. All subscribed members of the Institute shall be eligible to access the Institute’s physical and online library, including the ICT library, the internet and e-mailing services at a subsidized fee.

The Institute being a leading training body shall regularly organize educative talks, schools and seminars. These are geared towards ensuring Continuous Professional Development of Institute members. Management shall ensure that the Institute hosts at least one such educative forum per quarter. Members shall be eligible to attend these forums at concessional rates or at no cost at all.

Publications & Journals (Financial Services Magazine and Institute’s News Letter -The Bank Scene)

The Institute produces two publications:

  1. The Financial Services Magazine. This is issued out freely as a privilege to members of the Institute.

The major objectives of the Magazine are:

  • To serve as a forum for disseminating information about developments in the financial sector in general, and the banking industry in particular;
  • To address contentious issues in the banking and financial services industry and to enhance public awareness of the relevance and role of banking in the economic setup of the country;
  • To serve as a medium through which the Institute’s image and offerings are promoted both locally and internationally.

 2. Institute News Letter ( The Bank Scene): Just like the Magazine, the Institute’s News Letter disseminates information about developments in the financial sector on a monthly basis to the Institute’s key stakeholders.

The Institute shall organize social events for its members. These shall include sports galas and dinners. Following the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body, members will be able to break off from the routine banking work and be able to exercise their bodies, making them more relaxed to think better for their institutions. Members will also be able to interact at such a professional level and share ideas pertaining to their chosen profession. Such gatherings offer a lot of networking opportunities, thereby widening the capacity and prosperity of bankers. Members shall be eligible to partake in these events at either discounted rates or at no charge at all. The Institute shall endeavor to host at least 2 social events for her members annually.
The Institute may, where need arises, recommend and act as referee for its members to take up responsible positions within the industry and the country at large. Such positions may be academic, managerial and or political. Only subscribed members of the Institute shall be eligible for such recommendation.
The Institute shall always strive to keep its members bonded together by way of continuous involvement in her activities. Such other activities shall include but not limited to: the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the East African Banking School, Alliance of African Institutes of Bankers conferences, among others.


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