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The ACI Dealing Certificate


The ACI Dealing Certificate Overall Course Objective This course provides participants with a better understanding of the financial and foreign exchange markets. Who Should Attend? This course is recommended for Foreign Exchange Traders and Dealers, Credit Analysts and Managers, Middle Office and Operations Personnel, Auditors and Compliance Officers Key Topics to be covered • Basic Interest Rate Calculation • Cash Money Markets • Foreign Exchange • Forward – Forwards, FRAs, Futures and Swaps • Options • Principles of Risk • Asset and Liability Management • The Model Code Course Duration: 4 Months Attendance Mode: Evening and Weekend [...]

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Basic Banking – Online


Basic Banking – Online Overall Course Objective To equip the online learner with a comprehensive introduction to banking knowledge Who Should Attend? This course is recommended for new entrants into banking, existing bankers who have never attended a basis banking course and anyone who wants to appreciate the fundamentals of Banking Key Topics to be covered • Basic Interest Rate Calculation • Cash Money Markets • Foreign Exchange • Forward – Forwards, FRAs, Futures and Swaps • Options • Principles of Risk • Asset and Liability Management • The Model Code Course Duration: 1 Month Mode of [...]

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BFT-CG-80 Corporate Governance


Overall Course Objectives This course is designed to enable participants to identify and compare the interests of key stakeholder groups in a firm, understand the governance of firms and the peculiar risks faced as well as prioritise the various interests of the stakeholders. Overview of Corporate Governance The role of the various Governance stakeholders of the Bank Board of Directors: Selection, Compensation and Removal The Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors – Structure and Process The Committee of the Board of Directors and their responsibilities Management of Disputes in the Board Management of Disputes in the Board [...]

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BFT-FCPG-68 Financial Consumer Protection Guidelines (FCPGs)


Overall Course Objective To equip staff of Supervised Financial Institutions with the knowledge and skills to handle consumer information and complaints with due respect to consumer rights as per guidelines set by Bank of Uganda. Purpose of the Training and FCPGs Understanding Stakeholders The Supervisory Approach The Bank Of Uganda FCPGs Fairness – Lending Recklessly Fairness – Giving Advice and Cooling – Off Reliability Transparency Complaint Handling

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BFT-CSE-06 Customer Service Excellence


Overall Course Objective The course shall provide knowledge and skills to enable staff to effectively respond and manage the needs of the customers to improve customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. What is customer service? Effective time management Managing Customer Expectations to save time and reduce stress Expanding communication skills. How to effectively respond to customer’s inquiries/complaints and giving feedback confidently. Enhancing Personalized Listening Skills and strengths Language and Telephone Skills Barriers to effective customer service in the bank Secrets of self-control: learning what not to say or do Aligning individual work with the bank’s overall objective. The Benefits of [...]

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BFT-AML-67 Anti-Money Laundering


Overall Course Objective The course has been designed to assist bank employees to develop an understanding of money laundering control in the banking sector and their obligations in this regard. The expected outcome is to enable all bank staff control money laundering in the banking sector by understanding the key concepts and activities, the relevant legislation and their money laundering control obligations. Introduction to money laundering control Money laundering the concept Money laundering control duties of a bank and how each bank has defined its policies Reporting obligations How to handle suspicious or unusual transactions Staff in Operations [...]

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BFT-BBM-20 – Bank Branch Management


Overall Course Objective The Course aims at giving managers and those being groomed to take on managerial positions to focus on crucial managerial, organisational and operational issues which are particular important to banking operations. Overview of the Uganda Financial Sector Branch Operations Financial Management Functions of Management Human Resource Management Ethics in Branch Management Duties and Responsibilities of a Branch Manager Branch Managers, Accountants/Supervisors and staff being prepared to fill supervisory positions

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Training Calender, 2019


Training Calendar for the Microfinance Competence Centre (MCC), 2019 Course code Course Title Duration Venue Dates Cost (UGX) International ($) MCC-CM-25 Cash Management in MFIs 3 days Kampala 06th  – 08th Feb 2019 250,000 140 MCC-MLA-13 Microloan Appraisal 3 days Rukungiri 13th  – 15h Feb 2019 250,000 140 MCC-FNP-10 Finance for Non Finance professionals 4 days Kampala 25th  –  1st Mar 2019 450,000 230 MCC-MLA-13 Microloan Appraisal 3 days Moyo 05th  – 07th Mar 2019 250,000 140 MCC-MMW1-18 Making Microfinance Work (Managing for Improved Performance) 7 days Kampala 11th  – 16th Mar 2019 650,000 340 MCC-DML-06 Delinquency Management and [...]

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MCC-CM-25 Cash Management in MFIS


MCC-CM-25 Cash Management in MFIS Overall course objective This course is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in cash handling and management to manage the various Risks which expose MFIs to direct and indirect loss. Target Participants MFIs Accountants, Accounts Assistants, Cashiers / tellers, managers and any other interested person Topics to be discussed Duties and responsibilities of a cashier Ethics and professionalism in cashiering Know your currency (foreign and local) An overview of cash related risks Frauds and forgeries What to do in case of a theft or robbery Importance of KYC in Cash Management Management [...]

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MCC-MLA-13 Micro Loan Appraisal


MCC-MLA-13 Micro Loan Appraisal Overall course objective To enhance participants with Appraisal skills and knowledge of Microloans (Microfinance loans) to aid prudent credit decision making for loan quality management and profitability Target participants Loan officers, supervisors, managers, loan committee members, supervisory committee members, Accountants, Accounts Assistants, credit Analysts and any interested person. Key topics to be covered Selection of loan clients Collateral in microfinance The balance sheet of micro clients The cash flow of micro clients Calculating and interpreting financial indicators Assessing the market Assessing the business Assessing managing capabilities Assessing the willingness to pay Setting loan terms [...]

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